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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quenya Lesson 7 - Review

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Lihan Taifun (teaching)
Shawn Daysleeper
Rhûn Darkmoon
AelKennyr Rhiano (later)

More original sentences people wrote today:
Lihan ná vanya.          Lihan is beautiful (to look at).
Shawn ar Lihan nar míri.           Shawn and Lihan are jewels.
Rhun ná málonya          Rhun is my friend.
Ael herulva or Ael ná herulva          Ael is our lord.

meldo            friend
heru/heri     lord/lady
herinya         my lady
melda            dear
-lva, -elva     our (a group, including the person listening)


The English particle “a” (“a flower”) is left out in Quenya.
     lótë     flower, a flower
Often “the” is left out, too.

The adjective usually goes before the noun. It isn't wrong to put it after the noun, but it could be confusing, since “noun adjective” could also be read “noun is adjective
     ninquë lótë     (a) white flower
     lótë ninquë     (a) white flower, or “(The) flower is white”

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