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Monday, June 27, 2011

Quenya Review Exercises

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Practice translating
Nouns and Adjectives
handy vocubulary
ná             is
nar           are
ar             and
sina         this [adjective]
tana         that [adjective]

morë      black
helwa    pale blue
carnë     red
ninquë  white
varnë    brown
sindë    grey
vanya   beautiful (of looks)
linda    beautiful (of sound)
lissë      sweet
melda   dear, sweet, beloved

celva     animal
aiwë      (small) bird
huo        dog
yaxë       cow

olva       plant
yávë       fruit
orva       apple
piucca   berry, blackberry
lótë        flower
winë      young child
a white flower
red apples
sweet apples
These apples are sweet.  (Hint: “These” is the plural of “this”.)
That flower is pale blue.
Blackberries are black.
This cow is brown.
Dogs and cows are animals.

sindë huo
Aiwë linda.
Nizl ná melda winë.
Orvar ar piuccar nar lissi yávi.

Possessive Pronouns

 my dog
your apple (formal)
your flower (familiar)
your flowers (familiar)
your (a group's) animals
Her cow is white.
That animal is his dog.
Their (a group's) apples are sweet.
mar-                     live (at a location)  (past tense marnë)
rista-                    cut                             (past tense ristanë)
Alqualondessë   in Alqualondë
Nolë lives in Alqualondë. (in general)      Nolë marë Alqualondessë.
Nolë and Elenwë live in Alqualondë.

Nolë is living in Alqualondë. (currently)
Nolë and Elenwë are living in Alqualondë.

Nolë lived in Alqualondë.
Nolë and Elenwë lived in Alqualondë.

Nolë will live in Alqualondë.
Nolë and Elenwë will live in Alqualondë.

May Elenwë live in Alqualondë!
Maybe Nolë lives in Alqualondë.
Live in Alqualondë!
Don't live in Alqualondë!

Estelin cuts apples. (in general)
Estelin and Apakenwë cut apples.

Estelin is cutting an apple. (now)
Estelin and Apakenwë are cutting an apple.

Estelin cut apples. (yesterday)
Estelin and Apakenwë cut apples.

Estelin will cut apples.
Estelin and Apakenwë will cut apples.

Cut these apples!
Don't cut that apple!


cen-       see                                (past tense cennë)
hanta-  thank                            (past tense hantanë)
hir–      find                               (past tense hirnë)
húta-    curse                             (past tense hútanë)
lanta-   fall                                 (past tense lantanë)
mat-     eat                                  (past tense mantë)
not-      count                             (past tense nontë)
raita-   smile                              (past tense rëantë)
tul-      come (here)                  (past tense tullë)
tur-     control, govern, rule   (past tense turnë)

culuina   orange (color)
laica        green
lossë        snow-white
malina    yellow
polda      strong, muscular
quanta    full, complete
sinomë   here, in this place
ulca         evil

alassë   happiness
apsa      cooked food
cirya      ship
Endórë  Middle Earth
lassë       leaf
laupë    shirt, tunic
lócë       dragon
mar      home
mírë      jewel
parma  book

Elda     (High) Elf
Firya    human, mortal
Adan    human, "Second"
Casar    Dwarf (That's the polite term, though Norno is a more common word.)
Olwë governs Alqualondë.
I saw a dragon in Alqualondë.
The evil cow is eating my apples
Curse that cow!

My ship will come.
Count their ships.
Find my green shirt.
I live here.
My home is your home!
My happiness is complete.
Elenwë is smiling.
I will rule Middle Earth!!!

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