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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quenya Review Exercises — Answers

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a white flower   ninquë lótë
red apples   carni orvar
sweet apples   lissi orvar
These apples are sweet.   Sinë orvar (nar) lissi.  ("Nar" is optional here.)
That flower is pale blue.   Tana lótë (ná) helwa.
Blackberries are black.   Piuccar (nar) mori.
This cow is brown.   Sina yaxë (ná) varnë.
Dogs and cows are animals.   Huor ar yaxi nar celvar.

sindë huo   a grey dog
Aiwë linda.   (The) small bird is sweet-sounding.
Nizl ná melda winë.   Nizl is a dear child.
Orvar ar piuccar nar lissi yávi.   Apples and blackberries are sweet fruits.

my dog   huonya
your apple (formal)   orvalya
your flower (familiar)   lótetya
your flowers (familiar)   lótetyar
your (a group's) animals   celvaldar
Her cow is white.   Yaxerya (ná) ninquë.
That animal is his dog.   Tana celva ná huorya.
Their (a group's) apples are sweet.   Orvaltar (nar) lissi.
Nolë lives in Alqualondë. (in general)   Nolë marë Alqualondessë.
Nolë and Elenwë live in Alqualondë.   Nolë ar Elenwë marir Alqualondessë.

Nolë is living in Alqualondë. (currently)   Nolë mára Alqualondessë.
Nolë and Elenwë are living in Alqualondë.   Nolë ar Elenwë márar Alqualondessë.

Nolë lived in Alqualondë. Nolë marnë Alqualondessë.
Nolë and Elenwë lived in Alqualondë. Nolë ar Elenwë marnër Alqualondessë.

Nolë will live in Alqualondë.   Nolë maruva Alqualondessë.
Nolë and Elenwë will live in Alqualondë.   Nolë ar Elenwë maruvar Alqualondessë.

May Elenwë live in Alqualondë!   Nai Elenwë maruva Alqualondessë!
Maybe Nolë lives in Alqualondë.   Cé Nolë marë Alqualondessë.
Live in Alqualondë!   Á marë Alqualondessë!
Don't live in Alqualondë!   Áva marë Alqualondessë!

Estelin cuts apples. (in general)   Estelin rista orvar.
Estelin and Apakenwë cut apples.   Estelin ar Apakenwë ristar orvar.

Estelin is cutting an apple. (now)   Estelin ristëa orva.
Estelin and Apakenwë are cutting an apple.   Estelin ar Apakenwë ristëar orva.

Estelin cut apples. (yesterday)   Estelin ristanë orvar.
Estelin and Apakenwë cut apples.   Estelin ar Apakenwë ristanër orvar.

Estelin will cut apples.   Estelin ristuva orvar.
Estelin and Apakenwë will cut apples.   Estelin ar Apakenwë ristuvar orvar.

Cut these apples!   Á rista sinar orvar!
Don't cut that apple!   Áva rista tana orva!

Olwë governs Alqualondë.   Olwë turë Alqualondë.
I saw a dragon in Alqualondë.   Cennën lócë Alqualondessë.
The evil cow is eating my apples.   Ulca yaxë máta orvanyar.
Curse that cow!   Á hútë tana yaxë!

My ship will come.   Ciryanya tuluva.
Count their ships.   Á notë ciryaltar.
Find my green shirt.   Á hirë laica laupenya.
I live here.   Marin sinomë.
My home is your home!   Marinya marilya! (or maritya, less formal)
My happiness is complete.   Alassenya quanta.
Elenwë is smiling.   Elenwë raitëa.
I will rule Middle Earth!!!   Turuvan Endórë!!!
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