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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quenya Lesson 8 - Review, and Calendar

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Lihan Taifun (teaching)
Shawn Daysleeper
Rhûn Darkmoon

After this review, we will be moving on to more advanced topics.
     nouns with irregular stems
     the other plurals
     the rest of the pronouns
     cases for nouns (which includes a lot of what English does with prepositions)

Elves use six “seasons”, and don't use months.
early spring:  coirë (“stirring”)
spring:             tuilë (“sprouting”)
summer:         lairë (“growing”, “greenness”)
autumn:           yávië (“harvest”)
late autumn:  lassë lanta (“leaf-fall”); or quellë (“fading”); or narqelion (“sun-fading”)
winter:             hrívë

The Númenoreans had Quenya names for the months. Their calendar — which started on the winter solstice — is not exactly aligned with our calendar. But it is reasonable to translate our months using these names.
1st month (“January”):         Narvinyë    (“new sun”)
2nd month (“February”):      Nénimë      (“wet”)
3rd month (“March”):           Súlimë        (“windy”)
4th month (“April”):              Víressë
5th month (“May”):               Lótessë       (“flower”)
6th month (“June”):              Nárië          (“sunny”)
7th month (“July”):                Cermië
8th month (“August”):          Úrimë        (“hot”)
9th month (“September”):   Yavannië   (“harvest”)
10th month (“October”):      Narquelië  (“sun fading”)
11th month (“November”):  Hísimë       (“foggy”)
12th month (“December”):  Ringarë      (“cold”)

The Elves, who were fond of groups of 6s, had a six-day week. The Elves of Aman named the fourth day after the Two Trees. The Númenoreans added an extra day, in honor of the Sea, bringing the week to seven days. They renamed the fourth day to honor the White Tree. If you are using these names to translate our weekdays, “Sun-day” and “Moon-day” correspond to Sunday and Monday, and the rest of the days follow in order.

1st day (stars):              Elenya                       (“Saturday”)
2nd day (sun):               Anarya                     (“Sunday”)
3rd day (moon):           Isilya                         (“Monday”)
4th day (two trees):     Aldúya;  4th day (white tree):  Aldëa   (“Tuesday”)
5th day (heavens):       Menelya                    (“Wednesday”)
6th day (sea):                Eärenya                    (“Thursday”)
6th/7th day (Valar):  Valanya or Tárion     (“Friday”)

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