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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Makalaure Casts Silmaril In Roaring Sea -- Angeliad of Surazeus

Makalaure Casts Silmaril In Roaring Sea
Angeliad of Surazeus

When Feanaro raised shining sword to stars
beneath towering Mindon Eldalieva of Ingwe
and bade us swear oath in name of Iluvatar
to war against all to recover glittering Silmaril
how could I foresee dark path of pain and rage
that lead me alone to roaring sea of despair
shouts Makalaure who stands in howling rain
clutching jewel of light that burns his hands.

Searing pain of guilt in raising sword with hate
to slay fellow Goldoi Elves pierces his heart
in jolting flames from core of bright Silmaril
but though Makalaure squeezes eyes tight
he sees anguish on faces of weeping Elves
who fell beneath hacking blow of bloody sword
then trembling on his knees on broken rock
he howls in wild rainstorm wordless despair.

How far from Cuivienen sea of wakening dreams
we wandered lost in search for glowing jewels
without hope of regaining paradise of lush hills
where first we sang sweet tunes under stars
and feasted on fresh fruit of Yavanna Kementari
distant memories of sparkling juice on my tongue
then Makalaure moans and clutches Silmaril
to his heart though it stabs him with hot pain.

What arrogant pride of purpose lead Feanaro
my angry father to order we slay fellow elves
at Alqualonde to steal swan ships of Teleri
on our blind quest to retrieve Jewels of Light
from Morgoth hiding in bitter Angband fort
and what blind loyalty lead me to follow close
his path of destruction over waves of rage
for though I possess this jewel glowing bright
with glorious light of Telperion and Laurelin
sacred trees poisoned by hate of Ungoliant
my heart bleeds with pain at my evil deeds.

Makalaure stares into bright depthless heart
of shining Silmaril that glows with galaxies
of stars swirling in restless evolution of life
in creation and destruction of organic forms
and floats entranced in vision of big bang
in white light that flares forth into sphere
of souls that forms Arda shape of our world
where Ainur angels of light sing sweet tune
that transforms spirits into our suffering flesh.

Standing tall with deep breath of storm wind
Makalaure glares with fierce determination
into blistering beat of rain and raises high
his burned hand clutching Jewel of Pure Light
and hurls it far away from clutches of greed
arching on streaking flame of searing desire
where Silmaril falls plunging into roaring waves
that explode in pounding surf of blasting spray
and disappears forever in dark sightless sea.

Where wanders he now tragic son of Feanaro
long black hair hiding his pain-twisted face
as jewel-burned hands clutch an oaken harp
and pluck strings that weave a melancholy tune
that enchants hearts of young innocent souls
who sit around ancient bard and listen silent
as cracked voice laments path of arrogant pride
that shines light of truth to guide young feet
safe along way of love to preserve our garden
of fruit where we hold hands and dance alive.

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