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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"The Hunt for Gollum" Webmovie

extracts from the Timeline  (Appendix B of Lord of the Rings)
  • Gollum is released from Mordor; Aragorn finally tracks him down in the Dead Marshes, and brings him as a captive to King Thranduil's halls in Mirkwood
  • The Ringwraiths are given the task of retrieving the One Ring;
  • April 11 - Gandalf reaches Hobbiton. He returns to the Shire, telling Frodo Baggins he must take the Ring away
  • July 10 - Saruman imprisons Gandalf in Orthanc
  • September 18 - Gandalf escapes from Orthanc
  • September 23 - Frodo leaves Bag End
  • September 30 - Aragorn meets Frodo Baggins in the Inn of the Prancing Pony in Bree.

Tolkien Discussion Group
December 16, 2009
Topic: The Hunt for Gollum Webmovie
in Alqualondë
AelKennyr Rhiano
Dominique Darkwatch
Lihan Taifun
Aredhel Glendale

Please, everyone pull up a cushion
Fifi you look so christmasy
Thank you :)) tis the season for th colors :)
I have Chirstmassy ball gowns ... but not quite what we need tongiht
I want to wear all my beautiful Christnas ball gowns :D
Well, it is not too late
We need a dress-up day?
nod nod nod
Dress-up day too lol
Maybe Fi will play Santa again for us
I didn't get to sit in her lap
Neither did I

Music Videos DSL Records Videobox: Hunt for Gollum 39min
Want me to find the url for you, my could watch on youtube?
We will wait until everyone has finished watching it before we discuss it :)

What did you guys think of the film?
I love the locations
I was thinkingthe forests looked like Wales
Very well done
I have seen it before... It is fine. I like it. But I am looking forward to see the another one.
Are they going to do more?
There is another group and they are profesional, did
Have you heard about them?
Please, tell us more?
I am not sure, but I suppose topic is about Rhovanion, or Gondor village maybe.: It is done in Autumn or maybe will be soon...
We will have to be on the watch for that.
Because it is much MORE than this one and this one is well done.
wow I thought this one is very impressive
This one was very good
I can make a wiev if I found it somewhere... on net. Because I don't remember name of it, but perhaps will be able to find it...
yes, Aredhel, if you find it please tell us!
I will.

Everyone caught how that notice was run before the movie?
There was a notice at the beginning about the Tolkien estate
Yes- but i would need to pause and go close to read
I heard they did have an "understanding " with the Tolkien estate, that they wouldn't get in trouble for making the movie, as long as they didn't sell it

What has happened to our Bilbo?? Is he on walk-about?
*our* Bilbo?
There was Bilbo in Arda
I haven't seen him in ages
I heard rumors of unhappy romances -- rumors, so who knows the truth?
aww . . . just seems odd with no hobbits around ^^
I heard the same and had reason to believe the rumors had some truth
Well, there are hobbits

Well, dear companions, I have found it. Shall we do projection another evening? and if possible sooner or later? because my time zone...
Yes, please let's

So - this was depicting the first time gollum was captured?
Occasionally one finds his or her way here, but they are not living in Arda
There are hobbits?
Kath has hobbits
I saw one once in Oiolaire
I thought you have many of them :o) It is very popular race...
They are mostly merchants, I believe
They like cake too, lol
and party's with lots of yummy food
But Kath can't use the name "hobbit", because of copyright issues
aaahhhh - remember some of that coming up in the past
Or maybe they are here somewhere but enjoy almoust peaceful life, opulent diners a village festivals ;o)
Actually, it is totally nonsense to see hobit in Alqualonde, such long way from the Shire? Oh, no, who can be such a fool to go somewhere? ;) if you can just stay where you are...
I don't know about total nonsense, but the hobbit would be an usual one, and probably related to Bilbo
It was always strange to have hobbits in the Undying Lands
You know, breakfast, second breakfast, cake, biscuits, it is qute heavy for wandering...
Maybe he travels from house to house, visiting his friends
That's why bilbo was so different

{The last person finishes watching the video.}
It was really quite good.
So this was still the third age, right?
Yes, this was just before events in Lord of the Rings. Well, obviously, Aragorn was in the story
Yes, Bilbo was "strange" hobbit. Another hobits were thinking he is... you know... little bit :)
because he wasn't content to stay home and garden
Now, the simarils, they factor into the 4th age, right?
To me, it takes place perhaps while Ghandalf is on his way toward Gondor after he is ware of the ring's presence
at theCouncil of Elrond, Aragorn tells about capturing Gollum, and he finds out from the elves that Gollum escaped again
It is in book somewhere. Gandalf did the same as in the film, was watching and made a decision - Gollum's soul is lost, but he will have a place in story.
You remember at the end of this movie, Gandalf says that Frodo needs to leave the Shire
But I am not sure, If there was something about Aragorn's Hunt. Elves were captured gollum, I think.
So Frodo already has the ring
During this film? I'm not sure I got that?
Yes, that is what Gandalf was saying
Did I miss something? oops, I thought it was Bilbo
At the end, Gandalf is saying Frodo isn't safe
There was a gap... between a celebraton of birthay, when is Bilbo leaving...and giving ring to Frodo.
I read some of the Utube comments that also brought that up
I thought that during the events of the movie the Ring had changed hands
That makes sense
In the book Frodo has a ring in Shire for some time. few months or years...
In the book, it was years between the birthday party and when Frodo leaves
Yes, so this story probably happens in those years
and the shadow is becoming bigger so he have to go to Rivendell...
and now Gandalf is worried, and goes to warn Frodo to leave
and after that Gandalf decides to visit Frodo... and there is scene with a ring and the fire in the film...
That is after he comes back from reading the tale of it...."Keep it secret, keep it safe"
and he read that after the birthday party
Which he suspected after touching it and seeing the eye of flame
Reading that paper, in Gondor, he knew about the writing on the One Ring. Then he wanted to go back and test Frodo's ring in the fire, and the writing was there, so Gandalf knew Frodo's rring was the One Ring
oh, I see... and the fire scene is before film or after?
hmmm, close to the same time. We need the timeline in the back of the book
AelKennyr Rhiano gave you The Ages of Tolkien. Does that help?
year 3017 Gollum is captured by Aragorn
Too many English for me to keep conversation. So I left it for another, now.
So exactly Aragorn was captured him... hmmmm :o)
Yes, Aragorn captured him. The elves kept him, after that
That part I do remember
April of year 3018 Gandalf talks to Frodo -- that would be the "fire scene"
So, Aragorn captures Gollum, then Gandalf goes to Gondor and reads the story, then Gandalf goes to Frodo. That all happens in less than a year
How long was it when the barkeep had last seen Gandalf in Bree?
In the book, Frodo does not leave right away. Ffrom the timeline, it looks like probably about 3 months since Gandalf was in Bree
That seems to be when Ghandalf sends Aragorn to find Gollum
According to the timeline, Aragorn was hunting Gollum the year before. 3017 Gollum is released after several years captive in Mordor. He is soon located and captured by Aragorn, who takes him north to the Woodland Realm.
Gandalf travels to Minas Tirith, and there discovers the Scroll of Isildur.
3018 12 April Gandalf returns to the Shire to warn Frodo about the Ring.
23 September Frodo, Sam and Pippin set out from Bag End.
29 September Frodo and his companions arrive at the Prancing Pony in Bree, and meet Strider.
Midyear's Day Gandalf encounters Radagast near Bree, and is given Saruman's message.

Either everyone is asleep, or reading their notecard
Well, we know Jackson and his writers took some liberties with the movies for pacing reasons
Reading nc - but also get confused between movie and book
True, in the movie things have to happen faster
That happens alot in movies
It isn't scary in the movie if the hobbits get to the ferry an hour before the BlackRiders
I thought "Hunt for Gollum" tried to follow the movie more closely
I thought it tried to bridge the two, the book and the movie
and I think they did a good job
Here, Strider sees and fights a black rider
I thought they did a good job of matching both the book and the movie
Tolkien didn't tell very much detail about Aragorn and his hunt, so they could put what they liked into this movie
but they blended it in well
and the style looked like the style of the movie
The fight with the black rider doesn't quite fit, but it is a good scene and well done
And if one had no background and were to see it . . . well done
and we were tired of Viggo Mortenson anyway
no, we weren't
after 15 minutes, I was
But I don't like this Arwen, sorry :O)
That was an awkward scene
They just wanted to do an Arwen scene
hmmm, just like Peter Jackson ...
"strange accent"and the flower in the hand... do you remember Aniron scene ... :/
Well, if they are trying it into the movie... I guess they felt they had to do one scene
even if it was almost the same scene as the movie
it is...

{Lihan crashes and relogs.}

So you revert to a scene from the movie, and try to tie it in?
What was the question?
There was a question?
No, we were commenting, still, on the scene with Arwen
For example... there could be scene of arwen making back bond (i mean a standarta) a flag...(sorry english) In this time she was making an embroidery of the White tree for Aragorn.
true, she is
Not very sexy, tho
What about making flag in her very-special-silk-night-gown?
The beards on the humans left a little to be desired, but other wise, the make up was good
She had a fine coach... i like it.
They did the fighting well, too
yes, they did
Oh yes, it is not easy making fight scenes they do not look funny...The locations were awesome, very well chosen
related well to the LOTR movies
except Arwen at Rivendell. That looked like a botanical garden
The movie has never matched my vision :)
oh? not at all?
How could a movie?
Fifi Wickentower: nods . . . how could it :))
And I am miserable because my visions are situated to the Silmarillion rather, and I have no film ;( no film to be angry it is bad ;)
Maybe you should make a film
I am trying :D a small one ;o)
Are there any in the making?
hmmmm..... not at all...
I just finished listening to the Christoper Lee reading of "Children of Hurin"
I like this story... almoust my the most favourite.
He does such an awesome job it is almost like a movie
Chrisopher Lee has an awesome voice
Some of the radio performances are very good
Is it for sale or free, this record?
For sale
It's not cheap, but well worth it I think
I saw the book but din't know about record yet. Thanks...
You get to hear how all the names are pronounced
Oh yes, pronounciation....
That is hardest , for me - remembering names, pronoucing etc
We have got a record of Lost Tales in my language, quite old one. And it is such a fun to follow this actress trying read names :D
Yes, so many names and places!
oh dear
and so many vowels lol
No metter how long I am interrested in Tolkien I am stil making stupid mistakes. Such yesterday. I wished "Vaire's stars take care upon you" :D (It is another Valier... not Varda)
I can't remember all the Valar!
I think it could mean "die soon" because she is queen of the death in Mandos ;)
Vaire is?
Vaire is Mandos wife
She is a giver of hope amidst sorrows
my sister-in-law, I can remember that one
but she does not measure out the length of our lives, does she?
She records the story of the lives
Your sister-in-law? help me, who are you?
Giver of hope? Isn't that Nienna? Vaire is making tapisteries...
She records history as well, right?
Aye, you are right
But don't ask me who is Tulkas' wife
and Vana is married to ...?
could be... think so.
Dominique Darkwatch looks at her cheat sheet. yes!
I'm not half way through Samarillion, so am still working on all this
It is a heavy book
By the time you get to the end, you will have forgotten who was in the beginning
I have read several times and still . . . . .
Yes, but I think important if you are trying to RP an elf!
I agree
It is a whole library
Yes, it is several stories
sure :) and repetition helps lol
And there is also problem of different versions, how J.R.R.T. was changing his mess, when you would like to know, what you character EXACTLY did...
That gets very confusing in places
*happy to be Ainur
Nienna has about 2 lines, which is 2 lines more than FIfi's character
the ocean wind speaks in other ways ^^
Well, in the Silmarillion Olwe has just one later works, he has a ton of sons
That happens, sometimes ;o) later work hrdy ;)
The sons were the result of later work? just when Olwe was glad to be rid of his wife was glad to be rid of me, too
And what about some freudian problem... I have many of them! :O)
Elves don't mind going their separae ways for a few centuries
I always felt uncomfortable with the push to take a character and instantly find another to take the rp of the mate. It felt like an arranged marriage.
Very much like an arranged marriage
It could be very uncomfortable... for both.
Fifi Wickentower: *really happy to be a wind
or..very like a dream when the right ones find themselves. I mean... usually you have a special bound with your character. Reason why you want to play it. If the second partners do the same... How we call it? Mate an archetyp? :o)
But sometimes the other person has a very different idea about how to play the character. That can be awkward
...yes, that is the risk. very often.
But that is what makes it a living thing; not so scripted
If the players can handle it well. If they don't fight about it
Does that happen often?
That people fight?
about their rp, in a couple situation, if 'forced' into a a coupleness
I think often it might become more about egos
yes, I agree
In a live RP it is quite often, I thing. Not fighting, but still very different... so noone can enjoy so much.

Aredhel, who do you rp in Arda?
Guess *big smile*
Bilbo Baggins?
Hey, she is only 1 week old!
But it doesn't mean anythig or did? :O)
You mean such enchanted meeting with Manwe Sulimo himself as I did yesterday?
May I ask if you are wanting to rp in Arda?
Dominique Darkwatch feels a bit small among all the Ainur
I'm just an elf
and royalty
and I AM an elf :D
See, how can I talk to anyone if I intimidate them all? Lihan Taifun pouts
oh, no, no, Lady...
See? now he is all "Lady" O.o
(you know I could back him into a corner, where EVERYTHING he said would be wrong) (but that would be mean of me)
AelKennyr Rhiano blushes and pouts, now
(I take lessons from a teenager)
Fifi Wickentower: *there there pats them both :)
Lihan Taifun: but teasing Ael is so much fun

Does a wind ainu get seagulls in her hair?
Mostly their feathers get blown about. Only if we get dense will stuff stick ^^

We said we would not meet again until after the new year. Is that still ok with everyone?
Al last my best conversation (except Manwe, of course) in SL until now!
I hope you join us again, Aredhel.
You, too, Dominque.