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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Download Some Dwarvish Fonts

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Are you looking to download some fonts for Dwarf Runes?  These are good places to start:

Keep in mind that the people compiling these fonts don't always  distinguish between the runes we have been learning (Cirth, from Appendix E of Lord of the Rings), the runes on Thror's Map in The Hobbit, and runes from any other generic fantasy dwarves.

From those sites, here are some of the more useful fonts:

Angerthas Moria”
classic look

The “Cirth Erebor” set 
classic look
This is the font I have used for my examples.
Be aware that the characters do not correspond directly to the keyboard.

handwritten (brushstroke) look

informal look
Has phases of the moon in place of the numerals.

Angerthas Moria” (a different "Angerthas Moria" font)
informal look


Here are runes in Thror's Map style.  
Dwarf Runes”
 classic look, incomplete alphabet 

Moon Runes” handwritten (brushstroke) look
A complete alphabet, though not all the numerals are in rune-style  

Tolkien Dwarf Runes” handwritten  (blobby-pen) look
incomplete alphabet 

Thror's Map uses Anglo-Saxon Runes, so consider just downloading an Anglo-Saxon Rune font. Most of these are "complete" alphabets, but not all the letters may correspond to characters found on Thror's map.
The lower-case letters are more likely to be "standard" characters, with variant forms in the capitals.  The C/K character on Thror's map might be in the C, c, K, or k position.


Just for fun, here are a couple of fonts with "ordinary" letters in a runic-looking style.

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