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Friday, April 8, 2011

Fragments of Teleri History (Reading Material)

Tolkien's notes, published in History of Middle Earth, volume 10, Morgoth's Ring

Annals of Aman, possibly 1958:
“1280: In this year Finrod Finwë's son wedded Ëarwen King Olwë's daughter of Alqualondë, and there was a great feast in the land of the Teleri.”

An early version of Finwë and Míriel:
“Yet Finwë was not content, and he desired to have more children. He spoke, therefore, to Manwë, saying, 'Lord, behold! I am bereaved; and alone among the Eldar I am without a wife, and must hope for no sons save one, and no daughter. Whereas Ingwë and Olwë beget many children in the bliss of Aman. ...”
{As far as I know, this is the only reference to Olwë's "many" children.}

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