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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Directions for 2010

Tolkien Discussion Group
February 17, 2010
Topic: Directions for 2010

AelKennyr Rhiano
Dominique Darkwatch
Lihan Taifun
InyaRay Oktomica
Fifi Wickentower

AelKennyr Rhiano: Tonight we wanted to look at the way the discussion group is currently handled and discuss ideas that may make it more enjoyable.
The group decided to continue meeting weekly.
Roughly once a month, we will read and discuss a section from one of Tolkien's works.
People enjoy topics related to their own character, and enjoy discussing the role-play implications of the week's topic.
It would be fun to have some controversial questions to discuss:
InyaRay Oktomica: it might be fun to set it up such that one is able to give an opinon or vote on something ... are dragons bad... should the elves have stayed ... are the Ainur really very angelic..and post results :)
Old discussions are posted here in the archives. People can add comments, and people who can't attend a meeting can participate that way
In addition to the group notices (which not everyone reads), people like announcements in group chat. Several people arranged "buddies" to remind them when it is meeting time.

Dominique Darkwatch: In Sylvhara, I am a cleric and my deity is Eru Iluvatar. So I am very much interested in the Valar and the implications.
We have quite a few Ainur roleplaying scattered around Arda.

Next week will be a "book discussion", covering the three short sections in the Silmarillion that deal with the Ainur: "Ainulindalë", "Valaquenta", and "Of the Beginning of Days"
Question for the week: "Are the Ainur angelic helpers?  Or do mortals expect too much from them?"